Special Offer Start-Up Campaign (S.O.S)

We are very excited to welcome you to our brand new shop.
Like all things new we expect to make a few changes and improvements in the early stage of operation … and this is where our Resortique S.O.S. Campaign comes in. We're inviting our early visitors and shoppers to give us feedback on our site. In return for your patience we are offering a never-to-be-repeated 30% discount on our full range of products from now until the end of September. You'll be rewarded with a Welcome Bonus when you open an account with us which can be redeemed against your very first Resortique purchase. All we ask of you is that you sign up for our News and Updates and that you provide any feedback on our site's performance to support(at)resortique(dot)com or via the Contact Us link.
Your help in fine-tuning our Resortique shop is very much appreciated.



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Julie Snelling
Julie Snelling

August 31, 2014

Good luck with your launch, this is a great incentive! Your clothes look absolutely fabulous!

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