Last Few Days of SOS 30% Off Campaign

Hi folks! There are just a few days remain to earn that immediate 30% discount on your first purchase at All you have to do is open up an account at Resortique and you'll see a VIP Rewards Club pop-up appear at the bottom of the screen advising you of an immediate 600 points earned. You simply redeem these points at checkout, reducing the cost of your purchase by 30%. Easy Peasy!

Now the best part! If you sign up to a Resortique account before the end of this month, you'll
be credited with the points ... and you don't even have to use them right away. You can just bank them.
They will still be valid after the end of the month. Ad infinitum! You heard it (and the Latin) here!

Incidentally, you can find details of our VIP Club and Rewards scheme by clicking here.

Thank you once more for being in at the front end of our new adventure. And remember ... Summer is just
a click away with Resortique.

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