Resortique Ensemble #1

Here at Resortique we have some great ideas on how you might complement our amazing silk dress creations with dazzling yet subtle accessories. As from now we'll be backing up those suggestions with great deals on what we shall call Ensembles. If you buy an Ensemble you will save 15% on the costs of those items if they were bought individually.

From now until Christmas we'll be announcing a new Ensemble every week. The first one is quite striking and is a firm favourite with our social media following. It takes the chic yet subtle Apollonia dress and matches that with the gorgeous reds of the Coralius bracelet, earrings and necklace set. See our great offer for yourself by searching and clicking on either one of these marvellous products. The Ensemble make-up and pricing is clearly explained on those product pages.

We'll be announcing details of every new Ensemble on our weekly blog, so keep your eyes open for that.

And of course, any Ensemble price can be further reduced by redeeming any points you might have accrued under our VIP Rewards Club scheme. Just by signing up to our News Letter will earn you an additional discount of 10%. All that makes the acquisition of any Ensemble very affordable indeed. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience at Resortique. We think the Ensemble initiative moves the needle that little bit further.

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