About Us

A warm welcome from Resortique Founder and Creative Director - Dawn Shepheard

Thanking you for visiting our store. Resortique is the culmination of two years of jolly hard work, with everything from design, systems and funding to production, extensive QA and logistics all presenting my team with challenges as well as opportunities. We are lucky and proud to be HQ'd in Hong Kong which, apart from being one of the top three fashion capitals of the world, is also the gateway to Asia, our primary market. Below are some pointers as to what we at Resortique are all about.

Product - Our philosophy is geared towards helping women feel fabulous about themselves. You can see this in our designs. Whether it is about the way a woman looks and feels wearing our designs or how she feels in the sanctuary of her home. It has to be fabulous. Our clothing range is relaxed, creative and lots of fun in design and colours. We work with a lot of silks and silk cotton blends. Another favourite fabric is our soft stretch knitted cotton. Our collections have been complemented with a range of accessories to create the perfect outfit.

Ethical Sourcing - I have been in the design business for 18 years during which I have built up extensive contacts in China. Not only do I know the owners and managers of these businesses, I also know, by name, many of the machinists and other skilled artesans who are involved in creating our designs. I personally visit our production facilities about two times a month on average and these businesses are well established with many long-term employees. I always visibly verify my production sources.

Customer Commitment - We aim to please our customers. At Resortique we have put a lot of energy into this part of the business. Just contact us at support[at]resortique[dot]com if you have any questions or queries. I will personally reply to any emails marked for my attention.

Charity - I am passionate about the world's seas and oceans and I daily despair about their worsening state. So once we feel that Resortique is "motoring along" comfortably, we will focus our attention on aligning ourselves to the most appropriate charity.

Finally, I hope you get as much enjoyment from our designs as we did in designing them.