Resortique Holiday Reads

Resortique harbours a deep secret, as mystifying as any novel you'll likely read. It just so happens that one of the Directors of Resortique has also published two exciting and very original novels (Resortique is all about being original). And just as soon as we get the downloading mechanism integrated into out webshop we'll be offering these gems to our Resortique VIP clients. In the meantime, here's a taste of what the are all about. And, oh, if you can't wait for us to get our act together, we'd be more than happy if you were to download these ace stories from Amazon, iTunes, Scribd, eSentral, Kobo ... and from other leading eBook retailers. 

The AQALAN Initiative 

Dave loved Michelle more than life itself. But when, at 40, he finds himself alone, he can no longer cope. Big Al and James, concerned that their friend might top himself, need to formulate a rescue plan; and fast. Spanish language classes, a crash course in the traditional Andalusian dance of sevillanas and a week of fiesta in Sevilla ought to do the trick. Brilliant! It s a project requiring preparation, and in the case of tall, ungainly, rugby fanatic Big Al, a large dollop of humiliation as “second row forwards don't do bleedin' flamenco”.

With Osama bin Laden dead and the Arab Spring having reached its zenith, al-Qaeda splits into two factions. There may be a more intelligent way to Islamicise the decadent west. But could the AQALAN Initiative be strangled at birth, and the world thrown into turmoil, by a seemingly innocuous spat between two men attending a sevillanas dance class in south London?


Your ComeUppance

Welcome to the here and now. Welcome to the land of dodgy officials, greedy bankers, loutish football stars, chavish misogynists and unbangupable career cheats. It seems everybody is at it. And these toe-rags do it for
one simple reason: because they can. They’ll keep getting away with their abhorrent behaviour because what they
do isn’t always illegal; just obnoxious, loathsome and plain antisocial. For which there exists no effective
remedy. No redress. These selfish individuals are the new untouchables.

But enough is enough. When true justice fails the people, the people turn to the new kid on the block: YourComeUppance. The new vox populi. An altruistic white knight, or a darkening nightmare? Whichever it is, you really wouldn’t want your name to feature in the YCU Hall of Shame. Because that’s a serious life threatening proposition ... as some creatures out there are discovering to their ultimate cost.
Maybe there is justice in this world after all.
Justice – YCU style!