Paco de la Mancha Grace Crochet Necklace

This semi-precious, druzy-faceted Paco de la Mancha Grace crystal pendant necklace makes the perfect holiday accessory. It feels exotic, vibrant and most important it's FUN to wear!
About the crystal pendant; this free-form crystal takes nature hundreds of years to grow. This crystal has developed its intense and attractive crystallization from the centre as minerals were deposited on the natural rock during its formation. It has been polished to a subtle shine on both sides to preserve its natural look. 
The designer has opted to use multiple rows of hand-crochet metallic coloured thread to form the bezel surround on the crystal pendant. 5 strands of crochet neck chains secures the crystal pendant.
Enjoy wearing a “one of a kind” and consider wearing it over a sheer silk throw for a real beach look. 

  • Metallic silver and a purple coloured of thread and purple faceted Druzy mineral stone pendant (LM030N-PE)
  • Metallic silver and a blue coloured thread and deep sea blue faceted Druzy mineral stone pendant (LM030N-BE)
  • Hand-crafted 100%
  • Premium gift box presentation

  • One size fits all
  • The size of the natural crystal pendant will vary. Length from 5.3cm to 6cm and width between 4.5cm and 5.5cm
  • Handmade chains are 64cm approximately
  • Therefore the maximum total drop when wearing is 39cm approximately
  • Please note that as all our pieces are hand made, sizes and descriptions may vary slightly

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