Paco de la Mancha Namika Crochet Bracelet

These Paco de la Mancha Namika bracelets have an antique, Victorian look. A crochet glove of metallic threads cover the bracelet form. Mounted on top is a man-made stone mounted surrounded by petals of crochet and faceted beads. The meaning of Namika is Wave. The inspiration for this bracelet design comes from the ocean, from "jewel anemores", the beautiful flowers that dwell beneath the sea. Each jewel anemone has a small saucer-shaped disk surrounded by tentacles with bead like tips. Think of our beautiful oceans each time you wear this unique fashion accessory!

Available in only ocean blue at the moment. More colours coming soon.

  • Metallic black and silver thread and black beads (LM012-BK) 
  • Antique white metallic threads and soft powder beads to match (LM012-WE) 
  • Metallic threads of blue hulls and matching beads (LM012-BE)
  • Powder pink and musk threads and pink quarts like beads (LM012-PK) 
  • Gold and green metallic threads complement celedon-green and gold beads (LM012-GN) 
  • Gentle, creamy version. Cat's got the milk statement (LM012-CM)
  • A rusty silver metallic thread complements matching beads with just a hints of champagne sparkles (LM012-RT)
  • Handmade 100%
  • Premium gift box included

  • One Size
  • Approximate Size: This 'Hinged' cuff fits all sizes

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