Pearl Gypzy Coin Bracelet

Inspired by natural tropical colours, our Pearl Gypzy multi-strand Coin Pearl bracelet features flat coin pearls and a contemporary 14 carat white gold plated clasp. Coin pearls are renowned for their lustrous finish which adds to their allure. The characteristic uneven surface of these pearls gives the bracelet a luxurious texture. Our Coin Pearl bracelet carries earthy tropical colours of pewter, bronze and black hues, accented with natural cream to lighten the mood. 

As in nature these neutral tones will be easy to accessorize. Our bracelet is an exquisite accompaniment to both our Coin Pearl necklaces (the shorter PG019N and the longer PG020N), both shown below.

  • Multi-hued coin shaped freshwater cultured pearls
  • 12mm to 14mm diameter coin pearls
  • Hand knotted between each pearl
  • 14 carat white gold plated clasp
  • Premium gift box presentation
  • Hand-crafted 100%

  • Comes in 2 sizes: Medium = 20cm: Large = 22cm
  • Width is 6cm for both lengths
  • Please note that as all our pieces are hand made, sizes and descriptions may vary slightly.

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