Sea Gypzy Active Top, Pants, Cum

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Welcome to the Sea Gypzy Active yoga set. Modal, such a soft and comfortable wear, is a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose. This gorgeous set includes full length flared pants, a long pull-on tank and a fabulous wrap around cummerbund. Our design is useful in hiding some of those imperfections and helps create a smoother silhouette!! 

  • Our Active sets are available in two colours: bright pink and fluorescent green
  • 95% Modal and 5% Spandex with Chiffon trimming
  • Hand wash in cold
  • Please follow care instructions on the label
The Tank Top
  • Fitted Tank Top has a U-shape hem
  • A lower matching chiffon panel is 28cm deep and split on both sides
The Pants
  • 4cm elasticated waistband 
  • Full length pants and flares out to the hem
The Cummerbund
  • A graduated Cummerbund is widest at the middle (25 cm) and tapers to the ends
  • 290cm long in total making it very versatile to wrap
  • Constructed in modal and finished in chiffon to tie and match the tank top

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