Sea Gypzy Capricious Pants

International Sizing Chart
So flattering and so easy to fit into your wardrobe, our Capricious design is the Sea Gypzy version of the ¾ length pant design. The firm stretch fabric with just enough spandex allows you to pull-on the pants so they create a snug fit around the hips and tummy. The versatile control waistband can be worn high or, in most cases, double it with a fold to add that extra snug tummy hug.

Wear them with your favourite T-shirt or pair them with the long white Sea Gypzy Amazon Lily top (SG030T) for those breezy beach days or add a little Latin flair with our crochet Cattleya layered top (SG031T)

  • Available in two colours: White or Aqua Blue
  • No zipper or buttons
  • Pant length to the lower calf
  • 17cm roll top waistband
  • Fabric - 94% rayon & 6% spandex
  • Please follow care instructions on the label

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